Drug Rehabs in Concord, NH

Drug rehabs in Concord are treatment facilities designed to help a person become sober and break the physical and mental addictions that drugs have over their lives. Drug rehab centers offer a number of services that are aimed at helping a person overcome the serious disease that is drug addiction. These services can help a person struggling with addictions to prescription drugs and/or illegal or "street" drugs.

When a person suffers from drug addiction, they are in a vicious cycle. They may want to quit using drugs, but when they stop, they experience strong cravings, withdrawal symptoms, peer pressure, and more, that all lead them back to abuse. As a result, a person returns to drug abuse. Drug rehabs in Concord aim to break this cycle by removing a person from the temptations of daily life. They can also guide a person through the most severe symptoms and help them learn how to live a life free from drug abuse. While breaking an addiction to drugs is never easy, addiction treatment in Concord can give a person the best chance for success.

What Happens in a Drug Rehab Center?

Entering a drug rehab center involves meeting with a counselor to discuss a person's history of abuse including how much and how often a person uses drugs. They will also discuss a person's medical history and goals for treatment. The counselor will work with the person to create a treatment plan, but this plan may change as a person progresses through rehab. A plan should be individualized and may include services such as:

  • Counseling, such as cognitive-behavioral counseling that helps a person recognize how their thought processes can lead to addictive behaviors.
  • Group therapy, such as participation in 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Mind-body healing programs, such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, or others that teach a person positive ways to relieve stress other than turning to drugs.
  • Medication management, such as taking medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms or medications to reduce cravings while a person stops using drugs. This could include taking heroin or Suboxone for opiate addiction.

Drug rehabs in Concord offer a variety of services. A person can evaluate the best treatment options for them when creating an individualized treatment program.

Treatment Options

Drug rehabs in Concord, as well as alcohol rehabs in Concord, offer treatments that include inpatient and outpatient rehabs. When a person enters rehab, they may evaluate both options with a rehabilitation professional.

Inpatient rehabilitation involves staying on-site for treatments. Often, this will involve detoxification from a particular drug or drugs. However, some people may choose longer-term inpatient treatments where they will stay and continue to participate in therapies for weeks to months at a time.

Outpatient rehabilitation is a process by which a person goes to a rehabilitation facility on a daily or frequent basis to receive treatments. Examples of outpatient treatments may include behavioral counseling, group therapies, and medication management.

Both inpatient and outpatient detoxification in drugs rehabs in Concord have helped those struggling with addiction get sober. A counselor at a drug addiction rehab can help a person determine what is best for them and their unique needs. There are some circumstances where inpatient rehabilitation may be preferred. This can include when a person is addicted to a substance that could cause potentially deadly consequences when withdrawing, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines like Xanax or Ativan. If a person has a dual diagnosis, or mental health disorder and substance abuse problem, or has a history of self-harm, seeking inpatient rehabilitation may be a more beneficial option. However, if a person has a supportive family system and safe and stable home environment, they may be a better fit for outpatient treatment. Having both options available can be a great advantage to a person in finding what treatments work best for them.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Rehab?

Overcoming drug addiction is difficult, but not impossible. When a person suffers from addiction, it is important they give themselves the best chance possible to overcome addiction. For many, this involves entering drug addiction rehabs. Drug rehab programs provide time-tested services that are designed to help a person stop the cycle of addiction and learn the habits and thought patterns that a sober person engages in. Because drug addiction is a chronic condition, a person may always struggle with cravings and new challenges to their sobriety. Continued engagement and services at drug rehab programs can help a person navigate the new challenges that may present themselves along the way. Call Concord Drug Rehab Centers. (603) 395-9912

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